About Experianza Music

Who are we

Experianza Music is a collection of current or former professional musicians, from all walks of musical life, who share a love of band music. Fortunately, we also have significant business experience - including publishing industry experience - so we think we're ideally suited to launch this business!

What do we want to achieve

Untold riches and fame? Nah - we'll settle for providing the band movement with an unending supply of fresh, new, quality content from all over the world. A few bucks (or pounds or euros) along the way would be okay too:)

How do we deliver our product

PDF downloads can be purchased directly from Experianza Music and print music can be purchased from our partner World of Brass.

Our Team

David Chaulk is a former professional low brass player who has a long history with brass bands. As a player and conductor, he's won many Australasian national championships and, as a composer, he's been widely published, recorded and performed throughout the world. David has forged a successful business career and specialises in hyer-growth in early stage companies. David is the Founder and Managing Director of Experianza Music.

Steve Bremner is one of New Zealand's leading freelance percussionists and drummers. He's performed with every major orchestra in the country, has a longstanding relationship with the band Shihad and is the drummer in the NZ superband The Adults. He's also an a highly experienced music producer and brings worldclass competence to the technical side of music publishing and recording. Steve is Experianza Music's Head of Production.

Aaron Lloydd is a barrister, solicitor and member of the High Court of New Zealand. He's a fine bass trombonist and conductor and has a Masters degree in composition from Victoria University of Wellington. He's former legal counsel to Australasia's leading classical music publishing company and brings a wealth of expertise and experience to Experianza Music.