The Admiral Benbow


By Chris Brown

The Admiral Benbow is based on R L Stevenson's book Treasure Island.
  • Introduction: the scene is set with a musical portrait of the English coast and the Admiral Benbow Inn. 
  • The second section pictures a scene inside the Inn, with Captain Billy Bones leading the assembled company in an increasing raucous and drunken rendition of "Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest". 
  • There follows a musical portrait of Blind Pew, tapping his way around menacingly, delivering the dreaded Black Spot, the signal that its recipient (Billy Bones) will soon be attacked and murdered. 
  • Next up is a more upbeat section symbolising the treasure seekers setting off to find Treasure Island and the buried gold.
  • The finale is a reiteration of the opening material with hints of the other section.